Caffeine Anyone?

Sometimes the most challenging projects turn out to be entries into the book of favorites.  How do you make something more awesome than it already is?  Usually…easy.  With The Paramount Cafe, not so easy.  This amazing little coffee shop in the downtown Cheyenne has a huge personality and capturing exactly that in their new website was not easy.  At the end of the day we hope the vintage charm and amazing offerings comes through loud and clear.  This one we’re pretty proud to put in our done pile.

Go Big or Go Home

That’s how the saying goes, right?  We just completed the new menu/branding for Paramount Cafe in downtown Cheyenne and there’s nothing left to say but wow.  Not only is it pretty impressive in stature, we’re pretty excited about the new design.  Can anyone say, modern-retro?

Copy Fail

Sometimes two heads are better than one.  This was not one of those times.  This is what happens when a hungry husband gets asked for copywriting ideas. Pretty funny, but a strong veto on this particular call to action.

Festival season is upon us!

There might be snow on the ground in Wyoming (boo!), but nonetheless it’s almost festival season! How do we get in that music listening, boho wearing, sway to the tunes type of mood? By designing a festival sponsorship brochure…of course! North Carolina’s very own Down East Music Festival.

Perfectly Imperfect

Are we perfect?  Absolutely not.  Do we claim to be.  Never.  Does it bug the bejeezus out of us when something is 1 pixel off from where we’d like to be?  Every single time.

It’s not perfection that we’re going for, it’s passion.  It’s an interesting thing how creativity is found so easily when you are passionate about the subject and the outcome.  Just a small digression, but this is pretty much how we aim to run this operation.

We try to keep that in mind, and maybe it might be a good mantra for you.  Be invested in what you do…imperfections are what make life great.